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most likely, the individuals reported not being at work yesterday and today. >> neighbors say the couple bought their home 27 years ago and were original owners. we're told they had two boys in 10th and 8th grade. neighbors say the family was often seen sitting outside on their front porch. >> he is a big guy. kind of burly guy and she was smaller and they were a cute couple and she was full of energy. just real energetic. >> sometimes when we had snowstorms, he would help out and clear people's driveways for them and he was a good neighbor. he was a good guy and good family. >> now we understand, first of all, the police are not releasing the names of the family pending notification of kin. but we do understand that the parent owned family office supply business, but have since closed that business and the father worked in it. we also understand that the oldest son is a sophomore at
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west field high school was a sophomore and the other son, 8th grader, at rachel carson. there will be counselors tomorrow. back to you. >> peggy, just wonder what would cause such devastation. let's hope they get answers soon, thank you. sea hawks win in the most bizarre finish you'll ever see. >> you got that right. the monday night meltdown. the inaccurate reception. the fail mary. whichever those cliches you latch on to. last night's matchup between the packers and the seahawks was like an exclamation point on the issue of those darn replacement referees. >> our team coverage begins with dave owens with reaction from the nfl today. dave. >> you know what, guys, it's what the nfl didn't want. eyes focused on the referees, not the game. last night was 60 minutes of defense by both teams, but viewers probably won't remember any of that. what they will remember is the final eight seconds.
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let's set the scene. here it is. seattle with the football. that's rookie quarterback, russell wilson attempting to engineer a last second comeback. he rolls to his left and launches the football. you know it, the hail mary. it appears the safety elevate and claim it over everybody, but the seahawks wide receiver, golden tate. he tries to wrestle it away. now, watch the refs. one comes in from the back and begins to put his hands in like it's a touchdown. the other appears to give a touchback signal. the lead referee never steps up. the call, touchdown. wow. now all scoring plays are reviewed upstairs. replay officials upheld the touchdown call for the seahawks. for green bay, utter disbelief. >> i think if you asked tate to take a lie detector test and ask him if he caught that ball, he did catch that.
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>> it is time for this to be over. my hats off to these officials. they are doing everything they can. >> it's like the old cliche. i'll leave it at that. >> all right, the nfl released a statement and it says, when the players hit the ground in the end zone, the officials determine tate and jennings had possession of the football. under the rule for catch. the ball belongs to tate. the offensive player. the result of the play was a touchdown. the nfl officiating department reviewed the video today and supports the decision not to overturn the on field ruling. all right, that's the nfl and that's the players side. what about fans? washington area focus love their profootball. we know that. they are upset with the performance of the replacement referees, they are not threatening a boycott of the games. bruce johnson has that side of the story. >> this needs to stop. >> your thoughts? >> what he said. >> reach an agreement immediately. the normal ref. >> we couldn't find a single fan who agreed with the
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replacement referees and the nfl that seattle won last night's game with the touchdown reception as time ran out. was it an interception or a touchdown? >> it was an interception. >> league did agree with fans that the replacement officials missed the offensive pass interference call on seattle that would have given green bay the game. >> have these kindergarten guys out here. >> former redskins defensive end, dexter manley. >> and everybody in this country -- you could see the fan bases there. i think it's going to really hurt football. >> most fans in downtown rockville, maryland, today were throwing in the towel on the we placements. >> i think they are terrible. >> what would you do about it? >> i would tell roger goodell to fix this already. >> very few other people said they'll stop watching football. it's like an accident on the beltway. you feel for the victims, the players, but you are going to tune in, slow up to watch to see how it all turns out. >> so yeah, it's not necessarily good, but it is
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publicity for the nfl. >> it's reality television. >> lavar arrington predicts even bigger tv audiences for the game. >> they're going to watch to see if it impacts their team positively or negatively. >> viewers are tuning in and not out. the nfl owners will become more entrenched into their negotiations with referees and firm with players and coaches who get out of line. >> be clear, they may start suspending guys if they don't stop the scuffles and coaches grabbing referees and all these different things. they are going to crack down. >> bruce johnson, 9news now. >> all right, thanks a lot, bruce. we have much more coming up on this topic today. of course, including coming up in 45 minutes. u.s.a. today senior nfl writer will join me to break down the dispute between the real referees and the league and tell us how last night's call impacts their current
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negotiations. anita. here's an odd twist in this whole nfl referee dispute. scott walker got a lot of attention today when he called for the return of the union referee. you may remember the crowds of protesters outside the wisconsin state house last year after the republican governor tried to effectively end collective bargaining rights for most of the state's public workers. one of the state senators who fled wisconsin in opposition of that proposal said today that walker posts these days are all ironic. a rough year for pepco could get worse this week. unionized workers are scheduled to vote on e company's latest contract offer. if it fails, workers could then vote to strike. so what will that mean for you? we asked our com to find out. >> look around you. we have become a power dependent society. >> we are a complete technology age and you know, aside from basics that you would have hoped you can count
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on like light and heat and things like the garage door opening and things like that, it's just completely unpredictable. >> on a power grid that has its ups and downs. >> every time it rains, i cross my fingers and think it's going to be another catastrophe with no power and light. >> case in point, the storm of june that knocked out power to more than 1 million customers and caused headaches all over the metro area. while the weather looks quiet this week, a contract battle has been brewing between pepco and his union electrical workers over health, welfare, and other benefits. this is pepco's last best and final contract offer. union leaders are urging members to vote no on this ballot wednesday. a pepco spokeswoman says if the workers walk out, customers will not notice any changes in service or repairs. and if there is a storm, the utility will have contractors on stand by. the union's leader says that plan won't work. >> we are the people that keep
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the lights on, not the management. we're the ones out in the bucket trucks and in the manholes and on the streets. >> some customers hope the worst case scenario won't pan out. >> most say i want my power out. >> adding to the frustration building up at opposite ends of the bargaining table. in bethesda, 9news. tomorrow's vote is only on the contract offer. if it is defeated, workers would hold another vote on a possible strike. president obama and mitt romney were both in new york today. randall pinkston takes us to what they were up to. >> president obama surging fellow leaders to take a stand against violence in the muslim world. >> i do believe it is the obligation of all leaders in all countries to speak up forcefully against violence and extremism. >> speaking to the united nations general assembly. president obama condemned the
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film sparking protests overseas, but said nothing justifies mindless violence. the president also had a message for iran and its developing nuclear program. >> make no mistake. nuclear iran is not a challenge that can be detained. threaten the elimination of israel, the security of gulf nations and the stability of the global economy. >> after the president's un address, he headed across town to speak to clinton. that is where mitt romney began his day. joking about the perks of the former president. >> if there's one thing we have learned in this election season, by the way, it is that a few words from bill clinton can do a man a lot of good. >> he took a political jab at president obama. implying he has not done enough to confront foreign policy subjects. >> we feel we are at the mercy events, rather than shaving events. >> romney headed to the campaign trail in ohio where he
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is joining paul ryan in a bus tour of the key battleground states. randall pinkston, cbs news, the united nations. >> president obama is also campaigning in ohio. a new poll from the washington post shows the president has an 8 point lead in the buckeye state. anita. on thursday, president obama is back in the battleground state of virginia. today, vice president joe biden was in chesterfield. he defended the president's record. president obama with a slight lead over mitt romney in the polls in virginia. today is also national voter registration day. to learn more about what you need to register to vote in our area, go to lesli,top. >> we have this turn perfection, sot wind blows us in the same direction and the hair is not like this. >> right. >> if we stay this way for a second. >> it's breezy. >> it is breezy. i can hear it. yeah, yeah.
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>> we'll stay like this. it's nice right now, we see sunshine, but winds hair venger changes. we'll start with temperatures. it's really nice. not as cool as it was yesterday. 76 downtown. 73 in gaithersburg and 75 up into frederick. now the satellite picture and the radar combined, well we're going to see showers roll in. clouds on the way in. most of the heavy activity passes to our south, but showers are possible after midnight. you are fine to walk the dog up until midnight. no worries. so for tonight, increasing cloudiness, but breezy and mild. showers by dawn. lows 54 to 62. we'll come back and talk about the prospect of a shower or a thunderstorm tomorrow. also look ahead to the weekend. we have tweaked it yet again. thank you, top. tonight, police on the lookout for whoever shot a man who was walking out of a bank in takoma park. this happened last night around 7:00. 1100 block of university boulevard. police say the victim had to go to the hospital, but his injuries were nonlife
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threatening. now we don't quite know how much money was taken from that bank customer. and prince georges county's police department holding two events involving the deaths of two high school students. the first, a community walk beginning at the oak creek west community park. crime solver fliers will be passed out seeking information in the death of amber stanley. you remember that name. she was killed last month inside her own home. the other event, a community meeting at central high regarding the murder of markell ross. you remember him, too, i'm sure. he was shot walking to school september 11. and george huguely's attorneys are appealing their client's second-degree murder conviction in the death of yearedly love. the former university of virginia lacrosse player was sentenced to 23 years last month. the trial judge rejected a number of claims then when huguely started a new trial. but the attorneys did not outline the basis for today's appeal. >> still ahead tonight, residents get the chance to
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speak out about the flooding that keeps plaguing the neighborhood. >> later on, massive protests. we'll tell you what has them so very upset. and up next, work on the new silver line could mean problems for drivers near dulles international airport. we'll be right back.
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a head's up for drivers along the dulles access road. delivering parts of an access bridge. near the metro station. now that means between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., you can expect some rolling delays about ten minutes a piece as the equipment is delivered. history made today in maryland during a ceremony to honor soldiers missing in action. matt jablow was in laplata where the flag will now always fly high >> detail. >> under a brilliant blue sky on a perfect autumn day.
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they raised the prisoner of war missing in action flag. the emotional ceremony was the culmination of a successful effort to make charles county the first county in all of maryland to fly the pow mia flag around. >> someone once said that dying for my country isn't the worse thing that can happen, being forgotten is. >> in attendance were their families. >> blessed memories. >> and one family whose loved one, private first class, francis wills, never returned from vietnam. making him the only soldier from charles county still considered missing in action. >> father, brother, friends, companion, we love you. >> on february 26, 1966, private wills began a mission with other members of the 101st airborne division in vietnam. he has not been heard from since. clearly, he has not been forgotten and his family says
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he never will be. >> he was my hero. >> i didn't see anything. he was everything to me. >> francis wills would have been 67 years old where he is still alive. >> my uncle was bigger than life. >> even though private mills is listed as missing in action, they know they'll never see him again. >> do you think there's any chance he's ever coming back? >> no, there isn't. >> the family knows with even more certainty, that he'll be in their hearts for ever. >> he's always with us. always. >> in la plata, matt jablow, 9news now. >> an estimated 1700 american soldiers are considered missing in action from the vietnam war. first, it was the fbi, then police, and now tomorrow the military will make arlington county the home of a third straight day of some kind of drill or another. if you live near the joint base meyer henderson hall, don't be
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surprised if you hear simulated emergency announcements between 8:00 in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon. just remember, it's all a drill. >> the u.s. army corps of engineers is not to blame for all that flooding around new orleans and hurricane katrina. that is the ruling from a federal appeals court this morning. the case was looking at billions of dollars in damage in the lower 9th ward. and today's ruling by that appeals court reverses the decision the same court made in march and now the corps is immuned from damages. >> today, d.c. council member held a public round table addressing the problem in the neighborhood. you'll recall it flooded several times already this year. residents were allowed to testify about the situation and they say they want to change and they want it now. >> children in an area or a home that has been flooded with sewage should not be taken lightly and there should be more information passed to the community about the proper procedure for cleaning after a
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sewer backup or a rebate program for a homeowner to hire a professional. >> council member shay will continue to talk to d.c. water hoping they will fix the situation. >> you have another story about massive flooding in india. >> massive is the keyword there. this is rather dramatic. check this out. anywhere from 10 to 20 inches of rain has fallen. we have a million displaced. the rains have fallen and they are just now letting up. so it's big time flooding in india. take a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. and temperatures, a little warmer today than they were this time yesterday. a little warmer anyway. looking at 76 officially downtown. dew points in the 40s. still pretty comfortable. remember, this time yesterday, they were in the 30s, which is crazy comfortable.
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now not bad. relative humidity only 37%. pressure is steady and the winds south, southwest at 13 and winds will continue to be breezy tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow night. small craft advisory posted on the bay and title potomac. pulling out of eastern kentucky. the good news is, they are diminishing. they are sliding and ducking further south, but the clouds are on their way and a couple light showers could get in here after midnight. we are fine to do anything you want until midnight except out in the mountains where showers could get in before midnight. temperatures really nice. 73 in great falls. 72 in fairfax. 70 in bethesda. but 77 in college park and 73 in bowie. that's about where they should be this time of year. so a touch of summer on the way. milder tonight. you'll need your umbrella at the bus stop and you'll need your sunglasses for lunchtime. i know it sounds counterintuitive, but it's true. much warmer tomorrow on wednesday and unsettled on thursday. not a disaster, but unsettled.
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here's our future cast. and notice the green blob after midnight. cumberland, maybe to martinsburg. nothing heavy, but showers to the north and west. those showers move through overnight, 4:30 in the morning. frederick, martinsburg. they are all shades of green, so it's light. we get back into the sunshine. by 9:00 in the morning, and then another batch of showers and thunderstorms possible as we get into the evening. about 24 hours from now. so all in all, a nice day with two quick hits of showers or storms. for tonight, increasing clouds, breezy and mild. a shower possible by dawn. lows 54 to 62. tomorrow morning, partly sunny, breezy, and mild. a shower or thunderstorm possible early. 50s and 60s. much milder tomorrow morning. and then by afternoon, partly sunny, breezy, and warmer. another round of shower or thunderstorm possible. highs 81 to 85. good news, we're going to keep everything code green the next three days. it's going to be like summer
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tomorrow. 83. a few showers thursday. a few showers friday. not a washout. not that bad. temperatures in the mid 70s. now the next seven days, well we're looking at temperatures kind of going down just a little bit each day. it's much better than yesterday. we don't have a nor easter coming our way, but we have showers possible on thursday. just a slight chance for the ravens. they will probably be okay thursday night up in baltimore and a slight chance of a shower on saturday and sunday, but temperatures not bad. low to mid 70s. looks nice. best shot time. this was taken the 18th of the month. so a little bit ago. we had that flooding. this is a washout and flooding of mulberry road in strasburg, virginia. nice job. you can see how dangerous flash flooding can become. this is from natasha. you want to submit a best shot, go to our website, click on the weather tab and be sure to include your name and your town and location and a description
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would be great because we don't know who in a minute unanimous is. back to you guys. >> thanks, topper. a 3d van rolled into town. we'll give you the technology presented to lawmakers on capitol hill. first, it's not for everyone, but bacon has a cult- like following for the folks who eat it. i have some unwelcome news for you. it's coming up next.
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back now with a consumer alert that could keep you from bringing home the bacon. we just couldn't resist that line. britain's national pig association, yes, there is one, is warning that we could be in for a bacon and pork shortage. oh no. the trade group is blaming shrinking herds in europe over the last year. a trend it feels is being mirrored around the world. >> wow. well we move on to other bad
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news. austerity cuts sparking massive protests in spain today. thousands of people were demonstrating outside parliament. that brought out the riot police trying to enforce the perimeter and witnesses say they saw officers charging the protesters and smacking them around with batons. well, no word tonight if anybody was seriously hurt in all that. >> the u.s. postal service has a payment it just can't deliver. it is required to pay $5.6 billion to the federal government by sunday. this money will fund healthcare benefits for retirees. usps says it just can't make the payment because it is simply broke. this will be the second default payment by the postal service in two months. if congress is forced to step in, major cuts to mail delivery. still ahead, first it was your sodas, now another item taken off the menu in new york city. and then a little later on, we'll help you get through airport security, but without long lines. >> and up next, a local man's journey with a rare disorder that can cause his body to blow
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up and swell at any moment. why he has more hope for a normal life now than ever.
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in tonight's health alert, we highlight a capitol hill man who struggles every day with a very rare genetic disorder that could be deadly. certain triggers cause his body to expand and swell. when you see it, it may remind you of the comic book
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character, the incredible hulk. >> if i catch a ball the wrong way or exert too much pressure on my hands, it will swell up to the point where you can't grab a pen. >> imagine living life every day knowing that at any time, your world could literally transform. >> i had an attack in the spring. it was june. it is very rare. it's estimated 1 in 10,000 realistically, 1 in 70,000. >> 70-year-old david lund of capitol hill lived that life for years. certain triggers like stress, fatigue, and sudden movement can cause his body to blow up. much like the marvel comics character, incredible hulk, except this isn't incredible at all. >> the disease will kill. it has a 20% fatality rate if it's undiagnosed. >> he suffers from a genetic
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disorder caused with the lack of a crucial protein. this leads to uncontrollable swelling. particularly of the face and airways. you can imagine how dangerous. experts are still trying to figure out exactly what triggers the condition. >> we don't really know. there are some things, that stress causes symptoms. trauma does. >> swelling is extremely painful. david was diagnosed at the national institutes of health in the 1970s when hae was newly identified. now there are several treatments to control the attacks. >> four new medications that have been fda approved. and a medicine used for an acute attack. >> with that treatment, david can enjoy his travels and sail in the chesapeake bay without too much worry of an episode. >> he was treated in the emergency room. now with newer generations of medications, he has been able to self-treat, which has been very, very nice for him. >> now david doesn't become enraged and out of control like
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the hulk, but stress and tension can be a trigger. a big help is the new self- administered drug. he can take it right away when the symptoms start. by the way, david's son, peter, he has the same genetic disorder. 3-did mammography is becoming available to more people and experts put the technology on display. a 3-d bus touring the nation stopped on capitol hill to show off the most important breakthrough in breast cancer detection in 30 years. the technology was approved by the fda a year ago. washington radiology offers it to women, but at an extra cost because it is not yet covered by insurance. >> both members of congress and their staff have shown great interest and witnessed the technology by coming to the van and speaking with both representatives and physicians who currently are using the technology. >> 3-d mammograms are recommended for women with
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dense or fibrous breast tissue because they cut down on the number of false positives. >> the u.s. military is joining a new battle of the bulk. as tara reports, commanders of all ranks say it's getting harder to find eligible recruits to meet the u.s. military's physical standards. the american obesity epidemic hit the front lines. a report from a group called mission readiness says 25% of young americans are too fat to fight. >> even if they wanted to serve in the u.s. military services, they will not be able to do that because they are disqualified on the basis of obesity. >> the group made up of more than 100 generals and admirals warned of the problem two years ago and now the problem hasn't improved. in a new report titled, still too fat to fight. they want to start with kids. >> getting junk food out of our schools is critically important to making sure america's child obesity crisis does not become a more serious
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national security crisis. >> the writers of the report want to see more cafeterias like the one at this school in washington, d.c. where school officials have tossed out vending machines in favor of healthier foods. military leaders say the problem is reversible if healthier food choices are combined with more physical fitness in schools. >> definitely want to see as students become more fit and eat healthier, that they will be able to stay leaner in their childhood and as they move into adulthood. >> report says hundreds of recruits are annually discharged from the military because they are too heavy. training those unfit recruits and finding their replacements cost taxpayers an extra $60 million every year. tara for cbs news, washington. >> first it was the big sodas, now fries. new york mayor appears to be setting sights on the food served inside the city's hospitals. in the last year, 16 hospitals have signed on to the healthy
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hospital food initiative. it would ban deep fryers from hospital cafeterias. healthy snacks at the registers and require at least half of the sandwiches and salads be made or served with whole grains. the mayor says if there's a place that should be making you eat healthy, you would think it would be at the hospital. an update on the story that had us talking on set. the ban on father, daughter dances and mother, son ball games at rhode island schools. now the school committee unanimously passed a resolution this week to ask the state to change that law. the event ended at the beginning of this year to comply with rhode island's gender dediscrimination law after one mom complained her daughter was banned from attending a father, daughter dance. there appears to be a whole lot of dancing along with other stuff going on at the university of virginia. playboy just named uva top party school in the country. now the rankings are based on three very critical categories. they are sex, sports, and night
5:37 pm
life. the university of southern california, florida, texas, and wisconsin round out the top five. somehow my alma mater, not on the list. >> all right, the district seems to be moving forward in its plans to redevelop the sky land shopping center. the permits were issued last week to tear down the shoe city and an adjacent property in southeast. wal-mart has committed to build one of its six d.c. stores in that renovated center. the city expects all the legal hurdles to be resolved by the end of the year. >> and online travel companies owe the city millions in unpaid taxes. and now, it may just have a chance to collect them. a judge says the district can collect sales tax from people who book through companies like expedia and travelocitc. the ruling is unfair and expects online companies to win on appeal. all right, you now have a chance to be one of santa's helpers and get paid. i'm going to tell you more
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after the break. top. >> a very nice evening. a little breezy and showers are on the way. here's the pollen count. we didn't get off easy again. trees and mold are low, but the grasses and weeds are still in the moderate range. they'll be there until we get our first frost. we'll come back and tell you when the showers will arrive. up next, nobody likes to fight for a cab, but these guys look like they are enjoying themselves. we'll show you what happened.
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caught on tape, what some may think is a typical scene for those trying to hail a cab in new york. these two guys appear to get in a minibrawl trying to catch a ride along park avenue. it was posted on youtube and
5:41 pm
some viewers questioned if it was real or staged. new york city's taxi cab commissioner says people should remember that if you miss a cab, just take a deep breath. another one can't be more than a minute or two away unless, of course, it's raining and then you can never get one. >> seriously. >> you get to scrap it in new york. you see this a lot. people fighting over cabs. it's hard to get them. >> a bit of a sprint to get to the door. >> no doubt. greyhound and peter pan bus lines are parking their bags for union station. d.c. delegate, eleanor holmes norton and other leaders helped to launch the move from their previous location to union station. according to the bus line, this is going to allow their riders to take advantage of premium express and nonstop service to 17 cities from one location. the tsa opened a new chick point at dulles airport today, but this check point is different because this check point is for free screenings. it's part of the tsa free check
5:42 pm
program. it's supposed to get you through security faster as long as you don't mind volunteering information about yourself, first. >> from there, the passer goes through. the security screen, which will likely include being able to keep their shoes on, a belt on, a light jacket, and also probably be allowed to leave their laptop and liquids bag in their carry on bag. >> dulles will be one of the first airports to use this precheck program. >> i wonder how much that costs. still to come, the replacement refs causing enough problems, but what happens when you try to replace a weather man? >> ought oh. >> but first, some good news for homeowners looking to make a deal. that's coming up in today's consumer alert.
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now may be the time to buy or sell a home. the standard index reports that prices around the country are rebounding. those prices are the best they have been in nearly nine years. so what is fueling the growth?
5:46 pm
greater sales and fewer foreclosures. toys r us joys wal-mart in hanging up the help wanted sign. it will fire 45,000 temporary workers at more than 200 temporary stores and its online service. that is about 13% more people than last year. now the number of peanut butter jars also being called back is expanding and as this thing grows, we want to keep you informed because we know it's important to keep your family safe. let's review all of this. sun land incorporated, the company that makes peanut butter and almond butter for trader joe's is recalling them. they may be contaminated with salmonella and that can make you really sick. there's a long list of products that lead to 76 of them in this wide recall. so go to our website, go to and you will see the full list. guys. all right, another gorgeous day out there.
5:47 pm
we have been talking about sparklers so far this week. we can keep this going for a while, top. >> it's almost a sparkler. a bit too warm, but nice. >> pretty nice. >> now some of us don't mind the wind in our hair. >> that's true. derek is always guaranteeing a good hair day. wind, not a problem. humidity, not a problem. we're looking at a frontal boundary that will roll through the metro area tomorrow. it won't roll through us, it will play cat and mouse with us thursday and friday. let's start with a live look outside. it's our weather cam. temperatures are still very nice. 76 downtown. dew points are still in the 40s. that's very comfortable. the winds are still up there. south, southwest at 13. they will be breezy to gusty for the next 24 to 36 hours. small craft advisory in effect for the bay and title potomac. here's some showers. a lot of this not reaching the ground yet. but showers tonight, west of the divide. before midnight and some
5:48 pm
showers possible here after midnight. you are fine to walk the dog or take a bike ride or something tonight. no worries. 73 in great falls. 70 in bethesda. 72 in fairfax. 73 in arlington. 77 over in college park. 73 in bowie. a touch of summer on the way. milder tonight. you need your umbrella tomorrow at the bus stop. and you might need your sunglasses after that. much warmer on wednesday. unsettled on thursday, but not a washout. so here's a look at the future cast. 1:00 tonight, some showers up to the west of us. martinsburg, cumberland. put this into motion, some light activity. it's all green. it's all light activity. some breaks in the clouds by late morning and early afternoon and then another batch of showers possible by this time tomorrow. the next three days, we're looking at green, green, and green. even though we have a chance of shower or thunderstorm tomorrow, 83. enjoy the warmth. 75 on thursday. 74 on friday. a few showers.
5:49 pm
front will not leave us alone. it's not going to rain continually. a couple showers possible on saturday. this weekend is much better than it was yesterday. sunshine on monday, nats in town, 73. sunshine on tuesday, low 70s. ravens in town thursday. i think we're going to be okay with temperatures in the 60s. all right top, you know what? next time your contract comes up, word from management just in, you can be replaced, my friend. >> don't tell him that. >> but first, let's take a word of warning from a station in green bay. >> it looks like it's going to be bad out there, people. 200 degrees below today. we're looking at. and it's really going to heat up. it's going to be like 346 degrees by noon. >> get out of here. what is going on? what do you have here? a thunder hurricane going on? >> clearly a joke, but you can't replace the shut. you can't. >> no.
5:50 pm
>> that was pretty funny. that was funny. >> maybe they pulled somebody. i did like his tie. >> that was a forecast for the moon. >> all this happened in green bay, home of the packers who were the victims of last night's questionable call by the replacement refs. >> they have a sense of humor about anything is interesting for sure. dave is here to break down that part of the story. >> you know what, ladies, it's the sports topic of the day. i am joined by u.s.a. today who covers the entire nfl, not just the redskins. you're on the sidelines for a lot of football games. how last night's call at the end of that football game was. >> no question. it will go down as one of the worst calls ever in a moment. >> that's saying a lot. >> it will be exhibit a for how bad the replacement officials are. i think we knew going into this thing in the nfl knew that there were going to be some bad calls, some missed calls. but the last thing you wanted to see was a bad call that cost
5:51 pm
the team a victory. >> we're taking a welcome at it right now. wrestling his arm and they say simultaneous position. he never had any position. you can't reach your arm over and pull the ball away. that's not simultaneous possession. >> we know. we had a will the of discussion about these rules and i think the replacement rep is going to have discussion about what a real catch and guy sticking his arm in, hoping to get a call, right? >> they'll have to talk about a lot of things. you don't just cover the redskins. you see a lot of football games. you have seen other games throughout the weeks and months. how bad is this compared to the regular refs? they make mistakes, too. >> regular refs have never been loved like they are right now. but the thing about the regular refs and all of the experience that is really coming to the forefront now is that their success rate, their accuracy
5:52 pm
rate is in the high 90 percentile. they don't know the actual administration of some of these rules and i think that's been one of the real sad parts about this. a missed call is one thing, but when you give a team a holding penalty, things like that, you saw it at the end of the redskin game, a scenario where they didn't even -- >> losing control. >> that, too. losing control of the emotions and losing control when it comes to not really knowing the letter of the law. >> let me get to this quickly. is this a tipping point? this brings the two sides together, replacement refs and the league quicker? >> i don't think so. even though they are talking. they had a session today and a session over the weekend. so that is a positive. but i don't think the nfl is going to all of a sudden increase its offers significantly. i think the nfl went into this thing knowing that there was
5:53 pm
going to be some collateral damage, if you will. of bad cars and whatnot. i don't think this is going to be the tipping point. but from a public standpoint and the pressure, no question it should be the thing that really has everyone involved saying let's get this thing done. >> we are not talking about the seattle seahawks playing a good football game. we're talking about this. u.s.a. today national football reporter, always a pleasure to catch up with you. back to you guys. >> we enjoyed it, too. thanks. coming up, despite the controversial comment about rape. the campaign and missouri republican is gaining some support. we'll tell you about it.
5:54 pm
disappeared in iran more than five years ago. that story is next.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
there may be a break in the 5 1/2 year search for a missing
5:57 pm
retired fbi agent, robert levenston. in an interview with cbs news, iranian president appears to shed new light on that case. john miller explains. >> is it one of those things that you get used to? >> oh never. never. >> as i walk through times square with christine and her son, dan, neither of them were really prepared for what they were about to see. there was robert levenson staring back at his wife and son from an electronic billboard. the picture on the billboard was taken from a mysterious video that the family received nearly two years ago. levenson pail and gaunt, being held somewhere and pleading for help. >> i have been treated well. i need the help of the united states government. >> i immediately knew it was bob and so i watch very carefully trying to figure out what the message was and i
5:58 pm
still don't know. >> this is bob levenson in better times. he's the father of seven and now has two grandchildren. in march of 2007, working as a private investigator, levenson traveled to dubai. he took a side trip to kish island, an iranian trade-free zone. he met with a contract there and was arrested by iranian authorities. but in an interview for cbs this morning, iranian president, mahmoud ahmadinejad was impressed by charlie rose did not deny iran had levenson and hinted about a prisoner exchange with the u.s. >> is anything that could happen a trade or something that would allow him to come back to the united states? >> i remember that last year, iranian and american intelligence groups had a meeting, but i haven't followed up on it.
5:59 pm
i thought they would come to an agreement. >> now in 2007, his wife and son traveled to tehran where officials claim they didn't have information on this missing american. but his admission that there were negotiations is a big step and should give his family renewed hope. at least hope that is the case. this is 9news now. >> fairfax county police searching for answers after a grim and disturbing discovery in herndon. four members of the same family found dead in a home in the 13300 block of point ryder lane. peggy fox is live on the scene where neighbors are in shock. peggy. >> oh, absolutely, derek. the four bodies remain inside the home as detectives continue to collect forensic evidence. whatever happened to the family may have happened sunday night. neighbors saw the family at a picnic sunday and then the two parents didn't show up for work monday or today. now the neighbors

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